I’m not usually one to go for these ‘motivational quote’ type things but my wife posted this on my Facebook the other day and the more I looked at it the sentence made perfect sense.

For a long time in my day to day life I have made sure that everyone I know and love it happy and healthy. I suppose you could say that it has just been in my nature to be like this but only recently have I made the discovery that to be able to do this I have to be happy and healthy myself. Easy, you may think, but the reality is not so straightforward.

It is only through being signed off work due to panic attacks and some sort of social anxiety that I have realised I need to be a bit more selfish and look after myself more. People have been telling me this for a while now but I always just thought I was happy because everyone else was happy. Now I have found my love again for photography and walking (quite often combining the 2 together), colouring books and blogging my innermost thoughts to the world for people who I have never met to read. I must admit this last ‘hobby’ is a little alien to me and I still don’t think I’ll ever class myself as a proper blogger but if it helps people in any way through their day then I am providing a service.

I have read a good many other people’s postings on here and the good thing I find about myself is that I am actually what might be considered as normal. I’m sure my family would probably argue the case that I have never really been normal but that’s just because I have a slightly skewed sense of humour which helps me to cope with most daily situations. The amazing thing about opening myself up to complete strangers is that you get support from everywhere.

Anyways, in my head I sound like I might be rambling so I’ll return to my original thought. I am going to be giving myself as much as I require to get well and when I do get better I shall be the brightest flame I have ever been. Not sure I’ll set the whole world alight but I’ll be burning for longer and leaving little embers behind me to hopefully spark others into action…………………….