After my first week at work I have been feeling a bit more positive about the future for me. I am starting to accept myself for who I am and I am also spending my free time doing more things that are productive and helpful to well-being. One of these is getting back in to my photography at every opportunity.

I finished work on Friday evening and it was to be my weekend off. On Saturday my wife and I tidied the house and the garden in preparation for family coming to visit. In the evening my daughter had gone out to play with a friend and my wife was struggling to stay awake. I looked at my watch and checked the time which read 6.15pm , I then looked on the interweb for the sunset times at one of my favourite spots on the little island to find out it was at 7.50pm. On reading this I made a decision to go out, get a bus and walk to the spot and watch the sunset. My wife looked at me as if I had just had another breakdown and asked if I was sure. I replied that I was serious and she just said I should go for it. I left my house at 6.20 and the bus was leaving at 6.25 (cutting it fine but it added to my excitement).


The end result was that I spent about 3 hours in my own company, watched a beautiful sunset and got myself some of my best (in my opinion anyway) photos. I don’t usually post photos on my blog but it was one of those ‘seize the day’ moments that I just had to share.

Until next time…………………