It’s not often I write my posts so close together as I never usually have that much to  think about but something this weekend has troubled me. It’s not my anxiety (although that does trouble me every day) and it’s not work related.

What could it be I hear you ask? (if I could hear you properly without my hearing aids in)

The thing that has been troubling me is people’s lack of respect for each other and their property. Over this weekend there has been a great deal on the news about computer systems that are used by our lovely NHS (National Health Service for any of my international readers) being hacked and held to ransom unless people pay up in bitcoins (whatever they are) to release their own software. This is a system used by healthcare professionals in hospitals and GP practices up and down the country to access patient notes and records. If someone needs to have an operation or is going in for a specific treatment to help cure an illness then the specialists can access detailed information regarding past medical history, allergic issues and family history. This is incredibly sensitive and important information and, without being too dramatic about it, could be needed in a life or death situation.

Now, hacking in general is just a nuisance. Spam emails asking for your bank details. Someone claiming to be a distant relative from Nigeria with an inheritance to share with you. Pharmaceutical ‘enhancements’ for men. You get the idea. Personally I find them mostly amusing and have a little chuckle to myself while I add them to the ever-growing list of blocked senders.

But while I despise any form of hacking, I consider this type to be one step too far. Generally caused by opening an offending email such as the ones mentioned above, this type of virus effectively locks down your computer until you agree to follow the instructions and pay the criminal bodies behind the virus an unspecified amount of money. It can probably be worked around by someone with enough knowledge of computing but the majority of people (myself included) don’t have such knowledge and would therefore get scared, pay the money and regain control of their computer. However I would hazard a guess that since you have then paid it once, the hackers will then know you will pay up in future so undoubtedly try again. To do this to a personal computer is bad enough but to do it to a computer system used to help potentially keep people alive (again being a little over dramatic but it’s true) I find shocking and despicable. Along the lines of stealing from a charity shop I consider this to be completely unnecessary in a supposedly ‘modern’ society.

What has gone so wrong in our lives to make someone think that these ransom tactics are needed? Do people really hate each other that much? Are they trying to bring an end to the modern corporate fat cats holding our country in a financial stranglehold? Or are they just desperate, greedy people with no regard for humankind in general?

I don’t profess to know the answers to any of these questions and I might never know but I find it hard to believe that people can be so cruel sometimes.

Right through into my adult life I have always tried to life my life kindly. I have treated people in the way I have wished to be treated and I have remembered the words my grandparents always said to me that ‘…if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’ It really is that simple.

Surely if everybody thought like this the world would be in a better place or is that just me living in my own little fantasy world?

You never know, dreams can come true……………