Generally I have been on a bit of an ‘up’ this week compared to last week and I have begun to accept the bad days of last week as just that……….bad days. I even ventured out on public transport on my own the other day so I could get to the western end of the small island to look for photography opportunities. I found some great places to go for sunset shots overlooking a little bay with some big chalk cliffs framing the background and then decided to follow a little path between a pub and a church (is it just me or is there nearly always a pub next to a village church?) toward the northern side of the island where I caught another bus to go home. The experience of public transport felt comfortable again and I was quite proud of myself for doing on my own without my little anxiety crutch (my awesome daughter) to make sure I was ok all the time. The only downside was I forgot to take my iPod (*other makes of musical playback devices are available*) so I had to endure an elderly couple sitting behind me commenting on EVERYTHING they saw on the way back. It was quite painful having to hear them mention every sign, village name and odd-looking thing they saw but I managed to stay looking forward and resist the urge to ask them to be quiet.

Today however has been one of those days where I’m not sure whether I should laugh or cry.

There have been 2 events which have made me consider doing both of these things.

The first of these may not sound like much to the average person but to me it was quite important. While walking in to town on my way to work one of my hearing aid batteries decided to die without any prior warning. This in itself is not so much of a disaster but when I’m trying to cross the road and have to turn my head to one side to listen out for anything coming it becomes a bit of an issue. It also makes me look quite funny having my head constantly turned to the side. I have spare batteries with me all the time but it’s a bit hard to change them while you’re walking and trying to pay attention to things you can’t hear properly. Thus I refrained from crying about the fact I couldn’t hear fully out of one ear and laughed about the fact I looked like I had probably ignored my mums advice about making faces and the wind changing to make me stay like that.

The second of these events happened when I got to work. I was quite happily sipping on a cup of chamomile and lavender tea and reading my book (funnily enough about a small island) when it was announced that the auditors had arrived in store. Cue bouts of panic, followed by the realisation that I have no control over what will happen today. I could have cried as the last time I was asked a question by the auditors I felt like I was a teenager stood outside the headmasters office awaiting a telling off (this didn’t happen at school but it’s what I imagine it would feel like). Then I just thought I’d laugh about it and think that whatever happens will happen. I went down to the shop floor to find everyone in a tense mood and checking paperwork, looking at dates on packets and cleaning everything that didn’t move. When the auditors did arrive in our little area  decided to remove myself from harms way and stayed on the floor clearing tables. This way I could escape if needed and I could also keep myself busy and lessen the risk of being asked any questions. I know the answers but when I’m put on the spot I can turn in to a 6ft 1in high piece of jelly. In the end I escaped the inquisition and managed to carry on with my day unharmed. The store passed the audit and it was all good.

However today taught me a valuable lesson. Always check your batteries and know where the exits are in the event of an emergency (fair enough, an audit isn’t an emergency but it’s still scary when it happens).

Until next time……………..