Today has been the day that I knew was coming but still hit me hard when it did. A bit like when you see yourself falling off a skateboard, it hurts but you knew it would happen eventually (I’ve done that many times)

Over the weekend we have been looking at houses to buy here on the small island. Our budget isn’t huge but it’s enough for what we need.

It started off pretty badly though as the first property we looked at just needed too much fixing before it would be comfortable. The size of rooms was great but the damp in the kitchen, repaired (badly) flashing on the lean-to roof and rotten wooden fascia boards kind of put all that in to the background. We don’t mind doing a bit of work to a property but nothing too strenuous as we both work full-time and don’t want to spend every waking minute we have left doing renovations.

Property two showed a little more promise as my wife had looked it before and fallen in love with it. However,  me being the voice of practicality and reason had a different opinion. Everything downstairs was fantastic including the garden and little courtyard bit for seating. Upstairs was a different matter though as the bathroom was only accessed through the second bedroom (which will be our daughter’s room). It’s easily fixable to put in a separate entrance for it but this would leave the bedroom just a tad bugger than the box room she is currently in.

Feeling dejected we went for a cup of tea (tea makes everything better doesn’t it?) and discussed one final option we had. We had been made aware of a house not yet on the market but an absolute steal. We agreed to have a look at it and thought it had definite potential. It’s got 3 bedrooms, a garden, garage and parking space. To have a garage is awesome as it means we can store stuff we don’t need in it and the car will still be parked outside. Inside is a bit of a mix of style. The style is mainly 1970’s but there is a hint of early 1980’s in there too. Carpets need changed. There’s an avocado bath suite and vinyl on the wall of the bathroom to make it look like it’s tiled and the wallpaper in the rest of the house is decidedly stained from years of the previous resident smoking. Thankfully it doesn’t smell of cigarette smoke but there are clean spots on the wallpaper where pictures have been so a painting party might be required when (or if) we move in to it. But this is all easily doable. The price is right at the top of our budget but the house is worth so much more.

At the moment it is just a house but it has the potential to be a great family home. It’s not going to be something we will fall out of love with in a few years as I can genuinely see myself living in it for many, many years to come. We have a chance to put our stamp on this pile of bricks and bring out its character again if only we can get the money to add up.

My anxieties caused me to panic this morning as it dawned on me that this is actually happening and I am becoming a grown up (I’m 40 yrs old but only now am I starting to be an adult) and will have to do grown up things like be responsible.

The day today has ended with an offer being put in to the seller and we will just have to wait for the response to it. Waiting for answers and anxiety do not go hand in hand but I know I have to be patient and just accept this for what it is.

Exciting times lay ahead……………