This is not my usual type of post but it is something I wish to share with you all.

One thing I have found myself doing a lot more of lately is looking at art on Instagram. I find this much healthier than Facebook and less likely to make me anxious or angry at the amount of needless, mindless things that get posted on there. Social media has its uses in my life but it doesn’t rule it anymore. I don’t check my phone before I go to bed and I don’t look at it the second I wake up. I have no idea when I last posted an actual status on there (other than what my wife tags me in) and the only things I have consciously posted on Facebook have been pictures of my doodles or colouring in that I’ve done as the 2 accounts are linked. I find that art has a way of distracting me when I’m feeling low and anxious as it takes my mind away to a calmer environment, lets my imagination relax a little and take in the detail of the drawings in view.

From an early age I’ve always had an interest in things which may be a bit surreal and this has continued with me into my adult years. I have a bit of a wild imagination and as you can guess this often affects my state of mind. My sense of humour is strange too and (worryingly) this seems to have transferred to my daughter as she has a habit of laughing at inappropriate things at completely the wrong moment. It often brings me to a point where I don’t know whether I should tell her off or be proud of her for being her own person.

I discovered a form of art known as Pop Surrealist but known by some people as being named ‘Low Brow’ which is surreal, almost child like at times but also incredibly detailed. The characters are quite whimsical with big doe eyes but beautifully drawn and painted. One of the leading lights in this field (in my humble opinion) is an artist by the name of Mark Ryden and if the chance arose to ever own a piece of his I would sell my family to do it (not really but you get the idea).

Anyway, my own personal favourite artist in this style of artwork is a lovely woman by the name of Camilla D’errico. She is a fabulous artist and I have the intention of building up quite a large collection of her works. So far I have a limited edition print called ‘The Frog Princess’ which was a run of only 25 prints. As of today I am also now the proud owner of ‘Princess Tickle trunk’. This print is an artist proof and one of only 7 copies in the world. As we near a completion of our house purchase (see previous posts) I have an idea of the garage being turned in to my own personal art gallery / man cave / hideaway from the real world *delete as appropriate*. My wife wants to use the spare bedroom as a craft room so, in my head, I see this as a fair compromise. Anyway, who actually uses a garage for putting their car in anymore?

The only thing holding me back at the moment is money (or lack of it) but I see that as just a blip and something I can work on. I can always sell some of the other pictures I have accumulated over the years in the pursuit of buying just one more print.

Anyways, enough of my art lesson……………………

If you want to check out any of the artists works I have included a few links to their Instagram pages so you can see for yourselves what I’m wittering on about

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