Forgive me readers for I have been quite lazy.

It’s been approximately 8 days since my last confession / rant / blog posting

Not a huge amount has happened since then but I felt it right that I should share what I’ve been getting up to in the days between posts. The majority of my time has been filled up with working as I guess that helps pay the bills. I love my job and I love the people I work with but somehow the actual work bit has a habit of getting in the way of me enjoying it even more. We have had fantastic weather here on the small island which has meant that customers have been staying away and doing stuff with their families (like people on a holiday island should be doing really). This has resulted in a calmer working environment as there hasn’t been that never-ending stream of people needing fed and watered as they have been at the beach letting other people tend to their needs. I find it fascinating that the weather has such a hold on our lives in this way but I suppose that here in Britain we’re not exactly used to tropical temperatures so, when the mercury gets above about 17 degrees, it’s a mad dash to the beach to make the most of it as we just don’t know when we’ll see the sun again.

I have also been cracking on with my new ‘hobby’ of doodling. I feel like I have found my own little style (although it has probably been done before by someone much better than me) and almost every day I am creating another little snapshot. I have put one of my pictures at the top of this post to give you all an idea of the sort of thing I get up to in my mind. I have a happy little band of followers on instagram who appear to like them and there is an amazing artist from Australia who has been very complimentary of EVERY single one I’ve put up. Maybe they’re better than I give myself credit for but as anyone with anxiety / depression is aware we are our own harshest critics and find it hard to accept compliments graciously.

I have also spent the last 2 weekends on my own. Not completely on my own but my lovely wife and daughter have been away from the house leaving me to fend for myself. Surprisingly I have managed to keep myself level. I had a bit of a wobble at work on one day with the realisation I was on my own but this just needed a cup of tea to bring me back to earth.

This weekend just gone though my wife and daughter were actually on the big island and away at a friend’s birthday party in Cornwall. My mum and dad had suggested we could do something if I felt like it but they were going to leave it up to me to see how I felt on the day. It had been said we could go to the Steam Show on the island, have a wander around town or take a trip to Brighton.

Yes, you read that right, a trip to the big island!!

I did my usual thing of investigating all the possible travel combinations and timings so that I knew exactly what I was letting myself in for and told my parents we’d go to Brighton. This meant I had to leave the house to catch a bus at 7.50am. Normally at this time I am sitting in my PJ’s drinking tea and doodling but this time I was dressed and walking out the house. Part one went well. Part two involved a trip across the water on the fast cat (a catamaran obviously, not a giant cat that swims quickly) and this also went ok. Part three then consisted of a train journey. Mmmmm…not done a train journey in a while so lets see what happens shall we. I sat facing the direction of travel as I like to see where I am going and not where I’ve been. The journey was great. I felt like a kid again looking at the world whizzing by the window and I was pretty relaxed until…….we arrived at Brighton. I asked my mum and dad to wait a while until the bulk of people of had left and then I felt safe again and we left the train.

I won’t go in to every detail of the day but it was great. I spent £35 in Choccywoccydoodah (an amazing shop if you ever get the chance to go there) and then some more money on little pressies for everyone. I also treated myself to a new fidget spinner. Not exactly exciting but it made me happy at least.

After the mentally challenging day on Saturday I decided that Sunday was going to be all about me. It began with a quick trip in to town and then lunch in M&S. In the afternoon, I cut the grass as it was beginning to look like we could begin safari tours through the tall grass. And then the evening was spent soaking in the bath filled with a ‘Lush’ bubble bar. Perfect.

After that it’s been back to work and normality.

Not bad for a weekend but it has boosted my confidence just that little bit more and helped me believe that I can do more that I give myself credit before.

Whatever you all get up to this week can I ask you all  to just do one thing for me please?

Be kind to yourselves…………..