One week today I will be able to say to you that I have a new house. It’s not new by means of it’s age as it was only built in 1983 but in our eyes it is a new house.

A family home.

Our first purchase.

Now, I remember being told when I was younger that there are a number of times in life where stress levels can go through the roof. One of these is when you get married. I have already done this and have to say that it went better than I had imagined. There didn’t appear to be any moments that we wanted to run away from in the run up to the main event and the day itself went relatively well (apart from me, the groom, being stuck in a car with my brother behind a milk float on the way to the registry office) leaving us both with some amazing memories of the day. One particular moment that I remember is when my wife and I went to the hotel we were staying at that evening. After the amount of alcohol that we’d consumed we both got incredibly hungry. This resulted in us walking down the hill to the sea front and sitting in a dingy chip shop in our finest ‘smart / casual’ attire while everyone around us was in beach wear (we got married in August). We both laugh about it now.

Anyway, I’m waffling.

Another time life is supposed to be highly stressful is when you’re buying a house.

I have already spent too long in previous blogs going on about my stress levels when dealing with letters from solicitors and mortgage people but this past weekend brought a new round of stress for me to deal with.

It wasn’t a particularly hard weekend but the one thing that did raise my anxiety bar was that we went to our local B&Q (a DIY store for those of my readers who live in other parts of the world) and started shopping for items for the new house. My daughter was buying paint for her room and a shelf so she put all her stuff on it. Personally I think she’ll need more than one shelf as she has a LOT of stuff (too much for an 11yr old) but she’s just so excited about her bigger room we can sort that out at a later date. We got some shelves for the kitchen as space is at a premium in the new one. We also bought some new laminate flooring for the downstairs rooms and it was at this point that the old familiar signs returned.

Twitching hands


Shallow breathing

I think you all know the drill by now.

My wife recognised the signs and asked me if I was ok to which I replied I wasn’t really but I knew that I gave in to it and went outside then it had won. My reasoning for this was that I will probably have a lot more trips to the DIY store to come as we do up the house one room at a time and if I can’t do it now, then the next time will be harder. As it happens I stayed and the fear subsided.

I treated myself to a bacon roll and a cup of tea as a reward (tea can make anything better) and set about trying to decide what it is we’ll need to buy next. It would seem that the list is a lot longer than I had originally thought or maybe it’s just that I didn’t listen properly the first time it was all mentioned (this 2nd option is probably more likely).

One of the other times when stress levels reach dangerous heights is when you have children but I’m not sure I should subject you, dear readers, to any horror stories about that just yet. Especially if you’re currently pregnant or planning on having children in the future…….