Well here we are with a little over a week until we move house and the unthinkable has happened.

No, we haven’t been swallowed up by a meteor (yet) or journeyed in to the centre of the earth (although it’s probably warmer there than here right now) but it feels like the world has just caved in on us.

We have had a pretty easy run of it if we’re honest and we had recently got someone round to price us up for a packing and removal service. They went away, wrote down the figures and then sent us the quote. My wife had phoned their office to ask about the price and we were quoted one price for it all.


Or so we thought.

It turns out that when they told my wife the price they ‘forgot’ to tell us that didn’t include the packing of the old house (even though we specifically asked for it) so when I phoned their office to confirm the price it turns out it will now come to nearly double the original price we had budgeted for. The lady who my wife spoke to didn’t have the packing part of the quote in front of her so just went with the price more the removable bit on it’s own. Now, I’m not going into the full details of the quote and subsequent phone call I had with their office but as you can imagine it has pushed me closer to the edge of panic again. I came off the phone last night thinking it was all going to go wrong. It always does. We don’t deserve to be happy. Why did I ever think it would be plain sailing?

I have spent this morning phoning around rival removal companies to get a ballpark figure for our move and it turns out they are all about the same price. The price isn’t the issue though (even though it is more expensive than I thought) it’s the principle of the fact that they let us down with a week to go. If they’d owned up and said “Our mistake, we’ll knock a few quid off” then it wouldn’t be so bad but the fact they have just given a half-hearted apology and said that the price can’t be any lower has really made me cross. I’m feeling a bit between ‘slightly miffed’ and very unhappy but not quite angry or fuming.

Now we have to decide whether to just have the stuff moved and pack everything ourselves or shell out more money we can’t afford.

After a phone call to my dad this morning he has assured me we can do this and we can do it all together. If that means they come round every day this week before we move to help box up bits and bobs then they will. He made it sound more rational in that even if we pack bits and end up shuttling bits in the car in the coming week it will be still be cheaper than paying the price for their packing ‘service’.

If not, we could always load the car up like the picture at the heading of this blog and see how we get on that way. A couple of bungee straps and a bit of tarpaulin in case it rains and I reckon it will be a piece of cake (which is what I’ll need when we finish).

Why does being a grown up have to be so hard?

Stay tuned for the next (not so) exciting installment as the saga continues onward……………