As it’s been a little while since I last wrote a blog I thought I’d just drop by and give you all a little update on how life is treating me.

Are you ready?

For the first time in a looooooong time I’m beginning to feel settled again. The biggest change in life has been a change of job role at work. I have moved out of the cafe and upstairs in to the office. I miss the cafe team hugely and the fun we had (plus, working with a mostly female team, some of the crazy stories I heard) but this move really has been my lifeline. To some people it may sound quite geeky and boring but to me, I love it!

My new role is all centred around processes in store. Cash processes, maintenance processes and more. I’m learning how to check a lot of auditable paperwork (cross the i’s and dot the t’s 😉), balance cash systems, keep on top of computer system updates and learn about theft and loss. Like I said before, geeky and boring but incredibly interesting to me. It’s all numbers and looking for irregularities whilst keeping a sense of routine and order. And for someone like me (with anxiety in case you didn’t know already) it is absolutely perfect. I had a bit of a tentative start because I now start work at 8am so my morning wake up routine had to brought forward but in a weird way it’s been easier because of my teenage daughter. She leaves the house just after 7am to get the bus for school so I get up when she does, have breakfast, make packed lunches and then we leave together. We walk so far together then she carries on to get the bus and I walk the rest of the way to work. It’s a little thing but it starts the day with a lovely positive.

At the other end of my shift I now finish at 4pm and this has meant that we have more family time in the evenings. By family time I really mean that the 3 of us are in the same house doing our own things but we’re together. We can share daft jokes, show each other silly pictures we’ve found on the internet and spend longer doing it. I can also now watch my daughter at her swimming training again and encourage her from poolside (while eating crisps and chocolate like the true role model I am).

A simple change in job role has, in effect, given me a life again.

Another thing I have done (work related again) is that I attended a training session to be a digital champion (not as fancy as it sounds).

On the big island.

On my own.

I really surprised myself because when my store manager mentioned it to me I actually said ‘yes’ immediately. I didn’t think about it and then talk myself out of it, I just said yes. Once I knew the date / time of the training I set about working out bus and ferry times to get me to the big island in enough time for me to then take a steady walk to the store where the session was being held. I then worked out the time I would need to leave the house to walk into town, so that I was there in plenty of time to wait for the bus. As long as I was prepared I’d be ok. And I was. The ferry crossing was calm and I picked a seat by the window so I could see exactly where we were at all times.

I arrived at the store right on time, signed in to get my little visitor badge and went up the training session. It was really interesting and is all about a new app that we will be using to help make things easier by having all sorts of communication in one place. I won’t bore you all with the details but I came away from the day feeling pretty good about it. I had a steady walk back to the ferry and then made my way home. I was pretty knackered by then but at the same time I was so proud of myself for having made it through the day.

Was I anxious? Of course.

Did I remember the little tricks to help me settle? Yep.

Did they work? Yes.

Did I have a massive grin on my face when I got home. Definitely.

Anyway, stay tuned for the next exciting (possibly……..or not, depending on your viewpoint) instalment.