It’s been a while since I posted anything here so I thought I would just give you all a little insight in to what has been happening in the world of a thinker who lives on an island (hence the name).

The short answer, to be completely truthful, is not very much.

I survived my first Christmas in the backstage area of the store I work in without losing myself along the way and got some really positive feedback on how I worked and coped with some, at times, challenging decisions (and customers). I have then been keeping myself up to date about an upcoming refurbishment of our customer toilets (I get all the good jobs), sorting out our telephone numbers for the store (exciting stuff) and learning more about the downstairs part of our operations team. For the first time in a long time I have felt confident in my own decision making at work and have even managed to relay information to my manager without getting myself tied up in knots about whether I’ve said the right thing or not.

I have also made a little progress in my art work and took a massive leap of faith by directly approaching a multi national company as to whether they would like to use one of my designs on their carrier bags. Initially the customer service team said that although they love it themselves, it’s not something they deal with so have promised to pass on my work and contact details to the relevant department. Now, I’m not expecting miracles to happen but the fact that they even replied in a non generic way about how they liked the design is enough of a thumbs for me to go on. I haven’t heard back from them as yet, but I took my email one step further and also forwarded it on myself to their media and social department. I await their response…………

Today I have contacted a local shop about stocking some of my pieces in there. It is a local shop for local people (not THAT kind of shop) who are craft / art minded and wish to sell their wares in a slightly less stressful environment. The shop rents space out monthly to artists and I made enquiries for some of larger, framed pieces that I have. Their reaction to my initial photos of my work was promising, so that might be another avenue for me to pursue in the near future.

Then, there is this coming week at home where we might actually be doing some proper decorating in our house for the first time since we bought it. Granted, it’s our daughters room we’re doing but she bought the paint herself before we moved and we promised her we’d do it. After much shouting at her to get her room cleaned (she’s a typical teenager with a ‘floordrobe’ and junk everywhere) the time has finally come. If we have time we might also give the kitchen a lick of ‘Andalusia’ (or yellow as it’s commonly called). Only thing now though is that since we decided on the colours for the living room / dining room those years ago, those same colours are no longer available. Looks like more trips around DIY shops are on the horizon

Finally, after all the work and art stuff I am still the same old me, albeit with a little more self assurance than I had at this point last year. My motivation for exercise at the moment is still non existent and I’m unsure how to find that ‘spark’ again, even though I have new trainers that I’ve only worn twice and new running leggings I bought in the sale. I will get out there, but I just don’t know when and it’s starting to really frustrate me, even though I know it’s only my own battle. My work is still quite physical so it’s not like I do nothing at all, and I walk to / from work every day (about 3.5 miles in total) but I miss the loneliness of running.

I know that sounds odd that I might enjoy loneliness but it’s a different kind of freedom than the feeling of actually being lonely.

Anyway, one foot in front of the other and just keep going……………